"What If I Had Access To Every Technique & Style In Boxing PLUS The Program To Sew It All Together"?

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Includes The Cult Favorites:  
Peek-A-Boo Volume 1 The Essentials, Peek-A-Boo Punch Performance, Philly Shell Conventional & Southpaw

And You Could Do It All From The Palm Of Your Hand.

How Far Could You Go?
How Much Revenue Could You Generate?

Finally Have What You Need To:

  • Overcome A Loss & Negative Undertones In Camp
  • ​Win Titles
  • ​Create A Thriving Culture
  • ​Build An Insanely Successful Business & Legacy

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We’ve taken all the guesswork out of running a World Class Boxing program & successful business

“Training fighters is like trying to catch a fish.
It’s technique, not strength.” - Angelo Dundee

Becoming a successful coach
is nothing more than
a dream to many

You’d love to be one of the best boxing coaches, you have the passion and desire but you’re not sure where to start or you’ve started and it isn’t going as expected…

Does that describe you?

This process can feel overwhelming, stressful and confusing.

There’s a lot of contradicting and confusing information everywhere, especially online.

Many people try to learn by checking Youtube or blogs but the information
is very scattered and rarely substantial.

 Championship U

What You Get:

  • Masterful Footwork Volume 1:  You will cement footwork fundamentals and master ring generalship.
  • Masterful Footwork Volume 2: Learn how to use distance as a training technique to be able to transfer elite footwork into the ring
  • Mitt Master Volume 1:  Fundamental teachings of holding mitts, proper punch logistics, amazing speed drills, defensive skills, power development & accuracy.
  • ​Mitt Master Volume 2:  Learn advanced counter punching techniques & "Mayweather" style reaction training
  • ​Coach's Mitt Training Guide:  To keep you organized & have the ability to execute the Mitt Master System effortlessly.
  • Science Of Counter Punching: For improved accuracy, muscle reaction & motor skills.
  • Art Of Sparring: Teaching you the digestible PROCESS of elite sparring
  • ​Heavy Bag For POWER!:  Using punching styles of boxing legends to build devastating power.
  • Science Of The Run:  It's HOW you run that counts.  Learn how to run for optimal conditioning.
  • 10 Minute 12 Peaks | Shape N Shred:  Your reliable muscle optimization training system to get the results you desire without overtraining or injury
  • Clean Athlete Nutrition System:  Learn exactly how to make weight & stay on weight without any negative impact

RETAIL PRICE:  $17,500

  • Peek-A-Boo Volume 1:   Driven by science, you will take a dive into the essential fundamentals layer by layer: Footwork, torso development, head movement, punch execution & trap drills, speed bag, double end bag & double-double end bag for punch reflexes, developing torque power & mitt training for mandatory power.
  •  Peek-A-Boo Volume 2:  The focus is now on how to develop the algorithm of delivering that ferocious punch out of the Peek A Boo style.  Using the mediums of walking the floor, pads, slip ball & heavy bag Coach Bradley shows you EXACTLY how to deliver electric punch performance out of the Peek A Boo style that will create an immediate separation in your game.
  • ​Philly Shell Conventional: Learning this coveted defensive style the right way is now a reality.  Going layer by layer, no stone is left unturned.  Finally, you will master the Philly Shell.
  • Philly Shell Southpaw: Are you a Southpaw or do you train one?  We've got you covered.  This Southpaw edition will eliminate any confusion about training a southpaw the Philly Shell defense.
  • Philly Shell Guide (PDF): Have this handy guide to have exactly what you need in the gym to train the Philly Shell defense with confidence.
  • ​Mitt Master Volume 3 AKA Punch Pads For Pros:  There is a significant difference in the amateur and the pro levels.  When you level up to pro, you gotta know how to FIGHT. MM3 will have you covered to ensure the dexterity of your fighter is developed properly, the execution and pronation of punches are mastered as well as mastering cutting off the ring. 

Retail Price:  $7,500

  • 1 Year Tuition To Top Trainer U🔥: You no longer have to create your programming.  We've done everything for you.  Have a world class training program at your fingertips!
  • Monthly LIVE Virtual Skills Clinics:  You will have access to elite level skills training and conversations to ensure you expand your knowledge of the sweet science down to the finest compound.
  • ​Film Studies With Coach Bradley: One of the most talked about conversations under the Master Boxing banner, you will have access to high level boxing conversations that are sure to raise your Boxing IQ exponentially.
  • Coach's Corner:  This is where Coach Bradley pulls back the curtain in these live workshops and dives into what no one else talks about.  These discussions are about the finer points in boxing, the things you MUST know to get to the top and how to overcome the obstacles that you are guaranteed to face on the way to the top.
  • ​Blueprint For Growing Your Program & Business: Skills don't pay the bills.  But we know what does. And we are going to make sure you know exactly how to attract top talent & your dream customer & create maximum cash flow

RETAIL PRICE:  $10,000

  • 30 Day Launch Mastermind Workshop:  This impactful workshop will guide you step by step in identifying who you desire to serve, what you offer, how to attract top talent and clients to you and maximize your profitability.  All you have to do is follow the process and watch what happens.
  • One On One Strategy Call With Coach Bradley: Success starts with a plan.  It also has A LOT to do with being in the right circle in this sport.  This one on one call with Coach Bradley will have you set up for success out of the gate.  Bring it all to the table and come away with a clear game plan you can execute and reap success.
  • ​Monthly Business Workshops:   This is when you will roll up your sleeves and get down to business.  You will be led layer by layer through the essential steps to growing your business.  You will come away buzzin and with solid takeaways to put into action for immediate impact.
  • Geometry Of The Box Step Virtual Clinic:  Get access to an epic clinic in which an Olympic Referee and USA Boxing judge share what they look for in an amateur fight & how they judge a fight.  You will also take a dive into the intricacies of the Box Step so you can put them into action and create immediate separation with your athletes.
  • Social Media Audit: Have your social media on point or risk your competition eating you.  We aren't about to let that happen on our watch.  We know social media like no one else in the business.  We will execute. a thorough audit of your social media and tell you exactly what adjustments to make so there is zero confusion for you in knowing how to manage your social media so your community & the world know about your program.
  • The Triangle Offense:  Being in the inner nucleus has its advantages. No longer do you have to feel like you are a 1 man army.  You are now part of an insanely powerful network that you can leverage to your advantage.  Whether it's attending bonus fight strategy sessions, bonus business segments or personal coaching & mentorship, we make sure you have every resource you need to get to the top and reign there.


TOTAL RETAIL:  $43,500

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Don’t take our word for it 
Listen For Yourself:

The Peek-A-Boo Style

Learn Boxing's most coveted boxing style and know exactly how to teach your athletes how to FIGHT!
Membership to Top Trainer U is included & will set you up for success.

Client's Positive Reaction To Change

Coach Kolesar shares with Coach Bradley how gym members are pumped about the programming & opportunity to try new challenges. 
Can you say retention?

Coach Eric Kolesar:  Crazy Monkey Boxing & BJJ

"It's given me everything that I have been looking for...to really take my team to that next level. Starting from ground one all the way from beginners to experienced boxers. Trust the process!"

Coach Glenn Hudson:  Major Moves Boxing & Fitness

"I can't just say enough about TSOB (TTU) . If you are a brand new coach starting out if you are a coach that already has a program...the teaches that coach Bradley does at TSOB (TTU) ...is just amazing!"

"Boss" Chaiyapruk Chainikom:  The Box Thailand

The Master Boxing System allows be to be a better teacher.  The structure allows me to be organized and to be able to "speak boxing" with my clients to give them an exceptional training experience."

Coach Jonathan Fung:  Prime Time Thailand & Primo Fight Wear

Coach Fung speaks to his experience in the Psychology Of Offense Virtual Clinic experience he attended.

Coach Neal Heard:  MSA Cwmbran MuayThai

"I've learned more than I ever thought possible.  I still have a lot to learn but I know that I am in the best of hands with Coach Bradley & the Master Boxing System"

Coach Antonio Flores:  Pound For Pound Boxing

"Thank coach Bradley for what he is doing... he has created a great community where you can get a constructed feedback. He is doing something different... giving away some great golden nuggets."

Imagine walking out of your gym
having trained a future Olympian
or World Champion

With Championship U, that can become a reality


Veteran Coach Eric A. Bradley comes from a 100 year bloodline in the sport.
He served as Head Trainer under Coach Anthony Bradley, the Coach of 2004 US Olympic Boxing Team who has won more medals than any other Coach.

Coach Eric Bradley has been in the game for 30 years and has taken part in 100+ professional training camps. It’s been proven time and again that Coach Bradley is the "X-Factor" in a fighter's arsenal to prepare them for the ring as well as a career and brand. This allows him to offer his services to coaches, professionals, amateurs and aspiring boxers alike.

Coach Bradley’s father, Anthony Bradley, is a 2 time US Olympic Coach. This boxing lineage is responsible for an insurmountable number of gold medals.

In 2015, Coach Bradley launched Master Boxing Academy so all who desire to elevate their skills & knowledge had an opportunity to do so. Today it is known as TOP TRAINER U and has quickly become the world of combat’s go-to source for elite boxing knowledge.

Coach Bradley is a born teacher who masters, nurtures and loves his craft. His ability to connect with you and make you part of the fraternity and build the program and business of your dreams is impossible to find anywhere else.
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