There Are Only 3 Reasons Why Boxing & MMA Gym Owners Never Reach Their Full Potential.

In Championship U, we make sure this is NOT your reality.

Having a SYSTEM That Works

No more confusion only progression & results.
Progressive training systems, network & mentorship will show you exactly how to confidently build a top 1% gym.
Finally you will have peace of mind without having to live in the gym & spend decades trying to figure it out on you own.
  • Overcome A Loss
  • ​Win Titles
  • Create A Thriving Culture
  • Build An Insanely Successful Business & Legacy

Intentionally Crafted For Gym Owners, Motivated Trainers & 
Pro Athletes 
Who Are Ready To Take Action.


Lack Of World Class Boxing Skills & I.Q.

There are no shortcuts in this game. 

Having access to the world's most elite Boxing educational library will ensure you're 100% confident in your mastery of boxing fundamentals to the advanced like the Peek A Boo & Philly Shell and everything in between.

Leverage our 3 generations of boxing knowledge to your benefit & WIN TITLES.


Lack Of Business Acumen & Strategy

Your business deserves the same attention as your athletes.

We lock arms with you and provide you a step by step system to know exactly how to market & scale your business.

Think of this as the fight strategy for your business.
This is where your legacy is cemented.


Lack Of Elite Boxing Programming

Just having skills is not enough.

Having a time tested "plug in & go" SYSTEM to ensure muscle memory is where you will separate from your competition.

Get your life back while knowing how to get to the top & stay there.
Athlete & client retention at its finest.

Master Boxing | The School Of Boxing | Jab Juice LLC


Veteran Coach Eric A. Bradley comes from a 100 year bloodline in the sport. That’s 3 generations.  And he's on a mission to make you the 4th!

Coach Eric A. Bradley is committed to sharing his profound knowledge & experience to cultivate the next generation of elite gym owners, trainers & pro athletes not only when it comes skills & fight strategy but in business.

He was Head Trainer under Coach Anthony Bradley, the Coach of 2004 US Olympic Boxing Team who has won more medals than any other Coach in history.

Coach Eric Bradley has been in the world of combat for over 30 years and has taken part in 100+ professional training camps. 

It’s been proven time and again that Coach Bradley is the "X-Factor" in a coach's & fighter's arsenal to prepare them for the ring or octagon as well as a career and brand. 

This allows him to passionately serve hungry gym owners, motivated trainers & focused professional combat athletes to expedite their run to the top while building an insanely magnetic brand and profitable business.

Coach Bradley is a born teacher who masters, nurtures and loves his craft. His ability to connect with you and make you part of the fraternity is impossible to find anywhere else.
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